01 Nuit Noire - Join the Stars
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The only fairy black metal band existing.
This cassette compiles several alternative versions of
older songs along with a cover of Lady Gaga's Paparazi song.
Cassette limited to 50 copies.

02 Todesstoß - Spiegel Der Urängste
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Bleakest black metal from multi talented artist Martin Lang.
Long sold out on CDand now remastered on cassette.
Now including the lost track Eisoptrophobie.
Cassette limited to 121 copies.

03 The Rita - Sea Wolf Leviathan
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Reissue of this Canadian harsh noise wall classic.
Comes with fold out artwork.
All pictures of Sam McKinlay's personal collection.
Cassette limited to 100 copies.

04 Obsidian Field - Land of Defilement
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First output of Henri Allén under this moniker.
Droning sonic structures emerge with subtle movements.
Cover photo's made by abovementioned.
Cassette limited to 50 copies.

05 Ivory Trade - The Spiral of Fall
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Belgian noise scaper Giel Bils has created some
vunerable tracks of noise and synthesizer.
Dreamy soundscapes from the city.
Cassette limited to 30 copies.

06 Fading Contour - Emblem of a Pale Passion
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Another project of Giel Bils. Leaning more towards harsh noise,
without losing his fragility of sound.
Horrid dreams translated into pulsating noise.
Cassette limited to 30 copies.

07 Ambersmoke -
Lay My Bones Beneath The Valley Oak
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Mysterious Californian duo blending
gloomy guitars with whatever not.
Cassette limited to 50 copies.

08 Kees Peerdeman - Jankerd
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Sad sounds from Nijmegen's virtous Kees.
Warped guitar tones with sorrowful text and voice.
Not for the emotional faint hearted.
Cassette limited to 50 copies.

09 Invunche - Invunche
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Blackpunk from Amsterdam. Reissue!
Invunche meaning a short deformed man.
Almost no capability to speak,
only repetitive blasts and shreeking.
Praise the Invunche, praise the lore!
Cassette limited to 30 copies.

10 Noctívago - IV
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Lesser known lingering doom black band.
Based in a smogcity of east Brazil.
Casette limited to 30 copies.

11 Deconstructivism - Grafiet
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Punishing harsh noise wall from within
the monotone buildings of Utrecht.
Nothing to hear, nothing to feel.
Cassette limited to 10 copies.

12 - Slakkengang - Demo I
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Years ago this demo was recorded and
distributed as a cdr amongst friends only.
Short powerfull screamo snails and black metal riffs.
Cassette limited to 30 copies.

13 Nuit Noire - Inner Light
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Reissue of the long sold out vinyl version.
One of the oldest recordings Tenebras has ever made.
Ancient faeries blackpunk away.
Cassette limited to 50 copies.

14 Nuit Noire - Inner Light Rehearsal
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